It's Time for a Technology Timeout

by Courtney Christensen

These days, it's nearly impossible to spend a day without technology. Our phones seem glued to our palms. We binge-watch Netflix from the couch. Of course, like with all things, our kids are great at imitating this. So, when it's time for your family to take a technology timeout, take a look at this list of activities that don't require any of our favorite electronics.

  1. Blow bubbles.
  2. Build a LEGO set.
  3. Go for a walk around the neighborhood.
  4. Pick seasonal fruit at a local farm.
  5. Build a sandcastle.
  6. Ask about their day at school.
  7. Plant a tree.
  8. Climb a rock climbing wall.
  9. Have a staring contest.
  10. Build a snow fort.
  11. Tell jokes.
  12. Make a family calendar together.
  13. Go to the park.
  14. Rake an older neighbor’s lawn.
  15. Go on a family bike ride.
  16. Make a backyard fire pit, then make S’mores.
  17. Find shells at the beach together.
  18. Read a chapter book series together.
  19. Play in the sprinklers.
  20. Tell stories about your childhood.
  21. Go on a scenic family drive.
  22. Make chalk art in the driveway.
  23. Start a new family tradition.
  24. Play touch football.
  25. Visit a zoo or museum together.
  26. Make ice cream sundaes.
  27. Set up a lemonade stand.
  28. Plan a family picnic.
  29. Have a water gun/balloon fight.
  30. Have a family contest/competition.
  31. Play Frisbee.
  32. Build a birdhouse or bird feeder.
  33. Feed the ducks at a park.
  34. Make up stories.
  35. Play miniature golf.
  36. Have a themed storytime.
  37. Play tag.
  38. Make a blanket fort.
  39. Explore some old family photos.
  40. Play dress up.
  41. Go searching for bugs, birds, wildlife.
  42. Go swimming.
  43. Volunteer for a local cause.
  44. Complete a quick home improvement project.
  45. Give your kids a big hug.
  46. Bake cookies together.
  47. Do a science experiment.
  48. Get out some coloring books.
  49. Make dinner together.
  50. Go to the farmer's market.
  51. Have a garage sale.
  52. Go bowling.
  53. Put on a play.
  54. Have a nature scavenger hunt.
  55. Play a board game.
  56. Plant a garden.
  57. Learn a new game.
  58. Do a puzzle.
  59. Dance around the house.
  60. Make a craft.
  61. Tell spooky stories.
  62. Go roller skating/ice skating.
  63. Learn a new skill/hobby together.
  64. Take the family sledding.
  65. Pick out a family pet together.
  66. Make a secret code.
  67. Go on a fishing trip.
  68. Learn more about your child’s interests.
  69. Take a weekly trip to the library.
  70. Go stargazing in the back or front yard.
  71. Draw pictures.


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