House to Home in 10 Easy Steps

by Cassandra Grostefon

Finally, you’re all moved into your new home. You’re slowly, but surely, unpacking all of your boxes (wondering why in the world you’ve kept half of this stuff) and trying to decide where to put all of your belongings. The boxes become empty and the items that were packed are all put away but there’s just something missing. Days go by and the feeling lingers that your house isn’t complete.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! Turn your house to home with these 10 simple steps. 


This may not be the first thing that comes to mind but it’s definitely important. Don’t rely solely on overhead lighting. Having warm lighting makes you feel comfortable and cozy. You can set certain types of moods depending on how much light you have. Consider buying soft white light bulbs to give your house a warm feel.

You also may want to play around with different types of light for each room. For instance, in the kitchen try having bright light. The brighter light will give you a more upbeat feeling and will also allow you to see what you’re cooking better. For the living room, incorporate soft white light to put you in a relaxed mood. For the bathroom and bedrooms checkout overhead light dimmers that way you can control the lighting if you want to take a bath or read a book before bed.

For a little touch of light, incorporate LED wire light strands. You can put them on shelves behind décor, wrap them around a vase or wherever else you can find that needs a little twinkle. For a unique look, check out these Copper Wire LED string lights.

Pier 1 has a wide selection of lamps to choose from for under $80!


Not only are these necessary for comfort, they are also necessary for home décor. How could having a big soft blanket, and fluffy pillows not make you want to just snuggle up and relax?

When looking for the right pillows, make sure that you get something versatile that meets your décor and comfort standards.

Consider making a statement with your pillows to add a pop of color to the room, or play around with textures and different fabrics. Joss and Main have some multiple options for throw pillows.


This might sound trivial, but make sure that you have a table and chairs for your new home right away.

So many homeowners can get into the habit of sitting out in the living room and watching TV while eating dinner. The coffee table may make a good substitute for a kitchen table but don’t let this become the norm. By doing this, you’re missing out on good conversation with your significant other or roommate and also just the general feeling of togetherness. Get yourself a proper table so that you can have a designated area to enjoy a meal together.

Kitchen table sets don’t have to be expensive. Keep a look out for sets on garage sale sites or go thrifting and find items that you can re-do. Also check out Overstock, they always have so many options and frequently offer discounts. If you aren’t worried about your chairs matching, you can go for the eclectic look as well. Leave your cell phone in the living room, pull up a chair, and enjoy!


These things are kind of like your home’s clothes. The rug is your pants and the curtains are your top. You have to make sure both match, but not too much. Pick colors and patterns that compliment each other, and also make your surroundings feel good.

If you have curtains in a neutral color, think about adding a rug that has an interesting design or a solid bold color for a little extra pop. Like your outfits, you never want the top or bottom to clash so be mindful of that when selecting curtains and rugs.


The colors you choose to paint your walls will have a big impact on the feel of your home. Play around with different paint samples and pick colors that you like, that will also compliment your decor. A coat of paint can turn a room from being plain and boring to bold and beautiful!

Different colors do different things. For instance, painting lighter colors will really open up your space and make it so much brighter. Darker colors are more dramatic and can make a space seem smaller than it is. When using dark colors choose a larger area that way it doesn’t seem too closed in.

Stop by your local hardware store and get a few samples of paint that you want to try out. Paint the samples side by side on your wall and give it a few days to see which one you like the most. Pick the color that relaxes you and reflects the look you’re going for. A few calming colors would be blues, grays, greens, and shades of pinks.

Adding an accent wall is an option that can provide a focal point for your room. You could paint it, add a design with wall paper, or consider getting paneling. Paneling can bring texture and variety to your home. Lowes has a large selection to choose from. They offer red brick, distressed wood, and many more wall textures.


Fresh flowers and plants add a little something extra to your living space. Flowers smell good and always look nice to have on display, especially when you have guests over.

The pop of green that you get from a palm tree, grass plant or succulent ties in with any type of décor and also benefits you by producing oxygen and purifying the air. If you don’t have the greenest thumb, check out HGTV’s post about plants that don’t need as much attention as others.

Check out the garden section at a local hardware store or find a greenhouse nearby for potted plants.


Pick out your favorite pictures and display them throughout your home. Get unique or personalized frames that you can mix and match and either hang them on your walls, put them on shelves, tables, etc. If you’re into DIY consider stringing twine and hanging pictures from clothes pins. Wayfair has several frames to choose from at affordable prices.

Home is about making memories, so having pictures of you, your friends and family will make your space feel like a home.


Organize your things and make sure that everything has a place. If you have stuff just kind of thrown anywhere and everywhere you will feel very unsettled. It may not be the most exciting job to some, but in the end it’s very rewarding.

Book shelves are useful for storage but are also very decorative. You can buy baskets and have half of the shelving unit be just for organization and the other half for décor. Fill the shelves with books, records, or picture frames. To help you get organized, check out the Container Store. They have so many options for organization that will make your life so much easier.


Houses that have a welcoming presence make a much better impression than houses that don’t. The outside sets the vibe for the inside so pick up an outdoor rug, planters, furniture and anything else you can find. Being a homeowner will also allow you to decorate outside for all of the different seasons. If you have a porch try adding a table and chairs, or even a porch swing if the space allows.

If you don’t have a porch consider doing more landscaping. Landscaping will give your home so much more visual appeal. Being a homeowner means that you can do just about anything you want when it comes to your outdoor design. Get inspiration from magazines or online. Even driving through different neighborhoods and observing other homeowners landscapes will help you get a better idea of what you want.


Find an area in your house that can be “your spot”. Sometimes you just need to be by yourself and have a little me time. Pick out a cozy chair or take some measurements to see if you can incorporate a window seat.

Whether you are a reader, writer or you just like to get away and think, knowing that you have an area to go to that’s just yours is comforting and essential.

Everyone has their own taste and style that’s unique to them. Incorporate yourself into your home. Put out your favorite nik-naks or go shopping. When you see something that you can’t live without because it’s just so you, make sure you get it! The most important thing to truly make your house a home is by sharing it with the people that you love. Invite friends and family over and start making memories.

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