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By Elaine Vanessa on February, 5 2021
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Elaine Vanessa

Moving into your new house can be an exhausting commitment, but once you settle down, it relieves you as if you have just conquered a mountain. There are so many things going on, including packing your old things and making sure that everything goes where it belongs, plus there is always a chance to forget something or another.

It is a hectic situation, and especially for new homeowners, it can be a learning experience. A checklist indeed can help you to track your actions in an organized manner.

Do you know that, according to a recent study by Move Buddha, around 31 million people in the US move to a new place each year? This leads to economic output of more than $86 billion. Furthermore, an average American moves 11.7 times in their lifetime, and around 3 million Americans make an interstate move each year. This is equivalent to 15.3 million American households moving each year. Moreover, an interstate move's average cost is around $4,100, while an in-state move can cost you about $980.

In light of this information, let's take a quick look at some of the most important things you should do when moving into your new dwelling place.

A Complete Walkthrough

Welcome to your new home; while you greet and impose your presence on your new habitat, it is time to take authority instantly and scan your new house. This is not a routine checkup, here you want to go into the very nooks and corners, and attention to detail is the main objective. Plus, since your home is already almost empty, you should do this walkthrough while your possessions are still waiting to be unpacked. Here you would be inspecting the house for the following:

  • See if all the repairs promised by the landowner or previous owner are in place and properly maintained.
  • All items agreed as per the sales agreement are present within the house.
  • Make sure that all of your electrical outlets, switches, and other fixtures are in working order.
  • Plumbing and gas inlets are a huge concern, so make sure that they are working properly.
  • Carefully check the toilets and the kitchen.
  • Then what comes next are the doors and windows.
  • Take your time and be confident in your judgment.

Check the Utilities Setup

Household utilities are essential, and without them, any house could come to a standstill since, with no power, gas, and water, you and your loved ones will end up miserable. Hence it is important that you immediately locate the fuse box and all the other major inlets to your home.

Make sure that your utilities are properly set up, and in case you have yourself facing trouble, then it's probably a good time to call for professional help.

Pro Tip: Make sure you arrange for your utilities to be ready before moving into your new home.

Do a Deep Clean

There is cleaning your house like a quick clean where you scratch the surface and keep it looking good from afar, and then there is deep clean. This is where you actually go with surgical precision and have your magnifying glass at 100 times sensitivity like a detective solving a criminal case. Gloves come on, and you are now an investigator!

Here you will be checking for all the nasty stuff, including molds, spores, spills, dust, hidden trash, junk, broken item, and so much more. Make sure that you don't leave a single room or living space out of your radar. Commit to this, and you can thank me later.

The sooner you find out, the better. Once you are done, you can wholeheartedly allow your new home to become an extension of your existence and embrace it with open arms! (This is where you feel that you have finally arrived!)

Kid/Pet Proof 

If you have kids or pets, then their safety and comfort take prominence over your own 'me-time.' The little ones need your help, which is why you have to support them to adjust to their new environment. But first and foremost, you need to decide where they sleep and set up their fixtures as soon as possible.

Giving them their safe spot and space is essential; otherwise, they will keep getting in your way while you get your new home ready for everyone else. If any locations in the house can pose a serious threat to their wellbeing, then you absolutely must go out of your way to keep them away with the help of fixtures or other fittings.

New Security Locks

Making your new home safe is priority number one. So check the locks; in fact, change them with new locks of your own. Check all entry points to your home, including doors, windows, garage door, etc. Hiring a security service is a good idea to get surveillance support up and running. Even for students seeking a professional essay writing service, their dorms and private rooms' safety and security are huge concerns.

Setup Major Appliances

Once you all settle down with all the aforementioned hassle, it's time to unpack. Make sure that you help each other out and start putting things where they belong. It is also the time to set up your appliances and make sure that they work correctly.

Thorough Inspection

For a more thorough inspection, you should consider assistance from a specialist or an expert. There are various services available that can provide you with a satisfying assessment and examination of your house regarding things that might have missed your eye and slipped under you.

It is always best to get your house inspected, especially your new home.


While a housewarming party is unquestionably around the corner and expected when you move into your new place, it is best that you thoroughly inspect your new home. Make sure that your new dwelling is safe and secure as well is functioning properly.

I hope this post was able to offer some meaningful insights to move into your new house with buoyancy and assured peace of mind. Cheers for making the move and all the best for future endeavors.    

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Elaine Vanessa currently works as a Sr. Research Analyst and Blog Writer at Dissertation Assistance. She is quite fond of indulging herself in pop culture and binge-watching TV series online. During her free time, she likes to go out for long walks on the beach with her pet terrier.