The COVID-19 pandemic rolls on. If you’re like a lot of other people right now, you’re trying to think of ways that you can improve your living environment since you’ll be spending so much time there for who knows how long. Well, Ruoff Mortgage has you covered.

The first order of business: clean, declutter, and organize. Everyone in your household will benefit from living in a more positive atmosphere, and cleaning plays a critical role in making that happen. That’s not all, though. Below, we’ve provided some easy, cost-effective updates that you can make to several areas in your home. Let’s get started!

The Front Door

Assuming you get to leave your home from time to time (you know, to go to the grocery store or doctor or something), wouldn’t you like to get excited by your front door when you pull into the driveway? Well, if your current door is boring, you can easily fix that. Consider painting the whole door a vibrant color; painting the trim a different color can make even more of a statement. Also, put lights at your front door to boost curb appeal (and security). And putting out a variety of textured plants on either side of the door doesn’t hurt either.

The Kitchen

The best thing you can do for your kitchen is to organize it. Go through and throw away any expired food. Organize your pantry by category, and use clear containers to store snacks, pasta, and other items. If you have open shelves, make sure the display is attractive; this might mean minimalizing what you put on the shelves and/or adding stylish trinkets like artwork and vintage kitchen utensils.

If you want to take on a more involved project, consider repainting the kitchen cabinets. It will probably take a few days, but it’s a DIY project that can transform the look of your kitchen.

The Living Room

The cheapest way to transform your living room is to rearrange the furniture. Evaluate your space, and think of any changes that could breathe life into your living room (while still maximizing space, of course). For example, try putting the couch against a different wall and shifting your accent chairs around.

Another cost-effective project is painting the walls a different color. Whether you want to go all-white, neutral, earthy, or something a bit more vibrant, the options of paint colors are endless. And if you want to add the cherry on top, invest in a new area rug that pops in the space.

The Bathroom

It’s also quite easy to refresh your bathroom. For instance, simply adding a new shower curtain and linens can upgrade the space. Replacing outdated mirrors, light fixtures, and hardware (such as a faucet or showerhead) can make a major difference too. And consider adding a nice scent to the bathroom to create a spa vibe; hanging eucalyptus in the shower is a trendy method of accomplishing this, but you could also just get a spray that smells nice!

The Bedroom

You spend at least a third of your life in the bedroom. It should be as cozy as possible. Start by keeping your bedding clean; change your sheets at least once a week, and don’t hesitate to wash your comforter every time the season changes. Also, make your bed every morning.

Along with keeping your bedding fresh, consider the overall lighting in your room. Are you able to have the lights down low for a restful atmosphere at night, or are you forced to choose between flash blindness and pitch black? Putting in a dimmer switch is a relatively easy DIY task, and it will allow you to have the lights exactly how you want. Adding a stylish bedside lamp with a soft light bulb is a nice touch too.

You don’t want to get stuck at home again for weeks (or months?) on end without making some improvements. Fortunately, there are plenty of cost-effective ways to refresh every area in your home that won’t require any special knowledge or skills. Consider the ideas mentioned here, and get to work to breathe new life into your living environment!

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Tina Martin

Tina Martin