DIY Office Organization

By Alyson Bunn on July, 30 2021
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Alyson Bunn

Your desk probably started with a few loose pens and a notebook and has somehow accumulated to a plethora of documents and knick-knacks you never planned for. Some of these ideas are good for the environment, your pockets, and your sanity.

This pen organizer is a budget-friendly way to reuse your old jars and cans to give them a new life. With a little spray paint and glue, your project is done!


If you’re looking to organize stacks of paper, reusing your cereal boxes and covering them in wrapping paper or even spray paint costs you little to nothing, depending on what you have on hand. If you’re willing to spend the money, Amazon has a fantastic and aesthetically-pleasing option.


Cluttered drawers can also be fixed with the help of those old cereal boxes. Cutting the bottom half to fit in your drawer acts as drawer organizers. Paint them or cover them in gift wrap, and no one will ever know they used to be filled with Cheerios. Egg cartons and muffin tins can also act as drawer organizers in a pinch, though they’re mostly handy if your clutter is little items like thumbtacks.


Juggling multiple monitors and charging cords makes an eye-sore of a mess. Simply clipping binder clips on the side of your desk eliminates the tangling and makes all the cords appear a little more organized. If you’re just looking to hide the cords, these boxes are a fantastic option.


While you’re at it, labeling the cords saves you the headache of guessing which cord goes to what. It’s a short task that can make your life a little easier.