Create a Home That Prioritizes Mental Health

By Courtney Christensen on June, 2 2022
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Courtney Christensen

Within the last few months, many of us have been focused on how we can be a better version of ourselves. Prioritizing things like physical health, productivity, and being a better mom, friend, husband, sister, etc. Oftentimes our mental health gets put on the back burner, but that can end up affecting all other aspects of life.


Your mental health determines how you act, feel, and think, and needs to be prioritized to ensure you’re being the best version of yourself each and every day. With the increased time that people spend at home, it is important to make sure that your mental health is supported by your living space.


Different Rooms and Their Impact on Mental Health


Primary Bathroom


The primary bathroom is the one place where most people start their day and having a peaceful setup can make the most impact on your day-to-day mental health. This is where you get ready in the morning, and where you can either set yourself up for success or potentially create a distorted body image of yourself.


To ensure you set your environment up for a positive daily mindset, create your own personal oasis. With this oasis comes the need to stock up on all of your favorite self-care items, and even upgrade to a spacious bathroom vanity to store them all neatly. Include things like skincare and hair products in your vanity to be sure you’re taking the time to make up your best self every morning. This will result in your mental health improving drastically over time.


Home Office


With 44% of companies employing remote workers in the United States, chances are high that you or someone in your household works from home. In this instance, you’ll need to make sure your home office is set up for success. Mentality plays a huge role in your overall productivity at work and if your workplace is also at home, it’s important to have a dedicated working environment to help with your work-life balance.


Home Gym


When it comes to stocking a home gym these spaces can vary drastically based on your wants and needs as it relates to your physical health and fitness preferences. Exercise is very important for your overall well-being; create a space that is tailored to you and will allow you to prioritize your mental and physical health this year. Without a healthy relationship in both, the other is impacted so they both need to be a priority.


Make Your Space Functional and Clutter-Free


Keep your house clutter-free. This is definitely tough with kids and a family, but do your best to establish an organizational system in every room of your home to limit the clutter that will accumulate. Clutter is bound to happen but set aside time to reset your home each week to limit the amount that piles up, which will also limit your stress throughout the week.


Teach your kids and other members of your family and allow them to help when determining what type of system works best for your house. The one thing to focus on when organizing your space is that everything in your house needs a home. When everything has its own dedicated place, it will make your life much easier and create a more functional living space.


Lastly, you’ll want to remove any and all distractions from your home. Going back to the bathroom, anything that may take away from your positive mindset needs to go. Things like scales and clothes that don’t fit are all distractions and can result in body image issues. These items can be different for everyone, so take the time to identify things in your home that are distracting and don’t create an environment focused on YOU!


Positive Aesthetics are Key


Design a space that isn’t only set up for success, but one that also feels good is key to creating a healthy home environment. Consider how you can use plants to help reduce anxiety and depression within your home. Bring the outdoors inside with potted plants to produce a happy environment for you and your family. Greenery can be placed in every room of the home, but focus on the rooms where you spend most of your time such as your living room, bedroom, and bathroom.


Natural light is another element that should be a priority in your home. The sun gives you vitamin D, which is the reason many of us living in cooler climates experience seasonal depression during the wintertime. Make sure your home has lots of windows to reduce the chance of increased depression while at home. If your home doesn’t have many windows, look into investing in a Vitamin D lamp if you’re experiencing symptoms of seasonal depression.


When it comes to your decor and design style, keep in mind the way that different colors can impact your mood and your overall mental health. Certain colors such as green and blue are considered cool tones and give you a sense of calmness, while warm tones like orange and red can actually make you feel warmer and are associated with feelings of joy and happiness. Neutral tones like white and gray are great for making a space feel neat and larger than it may actually be. Use these neutral colors in smaller rooms to help declutter and open the space up, which will reduce stress and give you peace of mind.