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Backyard Improvements that Add Value to Your Home

By Kevin Jefferson on September, 11 2020
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Kevin Jefferson

Kevin has gone through an extensive home renovation with his son, which he has both thoroughly enjoyed and dreaded every morning. He is now the proud owner of half his dream house (the other half has been waiting for spring). You can read more of Kevin’s work on PlainHelp.

Believe it or not, a lot of homebuyers make up their minds before they even set foot inside a house. In other words, the old saying “first impressions are everything” applies to home selling as well. People will always be attracted to homes complemented by healthy trees, manicured lawns, dining areas, and other outdoor amenities.

Fortunately, giving your backyard a makeover through a couple of simple improvements can and will increase your property’s overall value. From adding a multi-purpose log cabin to updating walkways, your backyard is a goldmine of opportunities.

The following tips should help you update your backyard and directly increase your home’s value by doing so:

Build a Deck or Patio

One of the best ways to upgrade your home’s outdoor area is to build a deck or patio.

A well-made structure of this type doesn’t only look great but also adds space that you can use for all kinds of family gatherings. It goes without saying, but a deck or patio also provides homeowners with a place for relaxing and soaking up sunshine that’s only steps away from the house.

As they extend the usable space and add character to a home, decks are always greatly appreciated by potential homebuyers when first touring a house.

Update Your Walkways

Whether they’re situated in the front or behind the house, walkways and pathways can have a considerable effect on how a particular property is perceived.

For example, a walkway that leads to your outdoor dining area can easily make or break a potential buyer’s first impression. In case it’s dirty, chipped, or cracked, your potential buyers could get a bad impression of the rest of the house before they even set foot inside.

Improve your property’s exterior appearance by resurfacing or even rerouting your walkways and pathways. Give them an elegant feel by lining them with stone or brick pavers.

Add New Fencing

Installing new fencing is one of the most visible ways to remodel a home’s backyard area.

There are a number of other benefits, as well. For example, new fencing will increase the property’s security and offer seclusion and privacy from the neighbors. In addition, it serves as an effective boundary for one’s pets - it prevents them from bothering the neighborhood while still letting them freely roam the backyard.

You can further maximize privacy by installing trellises and planting tall shrubbery and evergreens. These will also provide your backyard garden from the elements - they double as windscreens.

Create a Backyard Living Space

More and more homeowners see backyards as extensions of their houses. Adding a backyard living space, such as the log cabin, is a guaranteed way to increase the overall value of your property.

When it’s built by experienced professionals, a backyard log cabin can become a completely livable space that you can use year-round. It’s a multi-purpose structure that can be used as a home for a teenager, yoga studio, home office, private fitness center, garden sauna, hobby room, garden shed, workshop, home gym, or for any other activity.

And while you may use your backyard log cabin as a home office, a potential homebuyer may see it as a perfect place for a snooker room. And that’s just one example of how a backyard living space can add value to your home.

Plant Trees & Trim Overgrown Shrubbery

Beyond looking pretty, trees add numerous advantages that are guaranteed to add value to your property. They lead to psychological well-being and purify local air, but also provide shade in the summer and sometimes even fruit. A backyard with a couple of trees in it will always look more appealing than the one without them.

While you’re planting trees, remember to take care of your overgrown shrubbery as well. Unchecked bushes can hide a house from the street, block windows, and make the entire property appear foreboding and dark. So, sharpen your tools, and don’t let those bushes decrease your home’s curb appeal.

Make Maintenance Easier

Anything that makes landscape and lawn maintenance easier to handle is guaranteed to be appealing to your potential buyers.

For example, an automatic irrigation system can make watering a lot more convenient, which is something future owners will greatly appreciate. Other elements that can minimize watering time include drip lines installed on patios and porches for container gardening. These may even help with retaining moisture.

As a final touch, give your backyard new lighting. Regardless of where and how you decide to use it, new lighting provides an effective (and cheap) way to finish your backyard makeover.

Even though you may not be planning to sell your property in the next couple of months, or even years, planning for the future is essential. Keep in mind that some backyard improvements (like trees) mature over time, so starting early would be a wise decision.