6 Tips For Incorporating Nature In Your Home’s Interior Design

by Ashley Halsey

Nature is known for helping to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere, so incorporating it into your home’s interior design can help to create a refreshing and soothing environment for your mind and body. For those living in metropolitan cities, it can sometimes be challenging to find ways to incorporate nature into limited indoor spaces. However, by following these six steps, you too can sustainably add natural elements into your home.

Add Some Houseplants

There are many different types of plants to choose from which thrive indoors and many require only minimal attention. Good houseplant choices include succulents, ferns, orchids and cacti. Additionally, plants have also been found to have a positive impact on health, as they help to create a calming atmosphere which reduces stress and anxiety.

Grow An Herb Garden

Growing your own kitchen herbs has become increasingly popular in recent times, particularly if you do not have a garden or only have limited space. They can create a lovely aroma, as well as adding important nutrients to your delicious meals.

“Kitchen herb gardens can be a lovely and attractive feature to include in your kitchen. A particularly eye-catching location is your kitchen window. You can choose potted containers of varying colors and styles to display on your kitchen windowsill or, alternatively, display them on the kitchen counter or even add some shelves to a bare wall,” says Patricia Lewis, an interior design blogger at Writinity and Last minute writing.

Add A Living Green Wall

Live walls have also become increasingly popular. Not only do they create a vibrant, unique and colorful addition to your interior decoration, but they are also able to renew the air inside your home. By absorbing the moisture in the air inside your house, live walls are able to provide you with clean air in return. Quite often, succulents and moss are the plants most commonly used for live walls. In many cases the drainage and irrigation systems have to be installed to control the water, meaning that they actually require very limited maintenance.

Invest In Wooden Furniture

Wood is a fantastic natural material to use in your home to help create a natural and warm feel. It can look particularly sleek and stylish in kitchens and living rooms. Moreover, wooden furniture tends to be sturdy and long-lasting. You can also choose from a number of sustainable designers for an eco-friendly design.

Choose Nature-Themed Decorations

You can decorate and accessorize all the rooms in your house with a range of nature-themed accessories.

“There are a range of throws, cushions and bedding with designs of animals or plants which you could use throughout your home. Photographs and wall art can also be a great addition to a room. Consider choosing wall art that incorporates nature or natural elements to help create a sleek and calming aesthetic,” suggests Darrell Ortiz, a lifestyle writer at Draft beyond and Research papers UK.

Alternatively, you can use some natural items to add a personal touch to your home decorations. You could decorate areas of your house with large branches, which can be particularly effective if you have difficulty remembering to water houseplants. You could also add some table-top decorations to your coffee table or to floating shelves, including shells, stone or even driftwood.

Increase Natural Sunlight

Natural light is a fantastic way to refresh any room. Try to avoid heavy or dark curtains that may block out sunlight. Instead, swap these for lighter-colored curtains or even incorporate some sheer white drapes to help allow more sunlight into your home. You could also add some well-placed mirrors to your home, so that the sunlight can better reflect throughout the room. Opening the windows will also allow the breeze to add some fresh air into your home and help create a more cheerful atmosphere.


Incorporating nature into your home’s interior design doesn’t have to be costly or difficult. Choose natural items to use as decorations or accessories in your home and opt for wooden furniture. Try to let plenty of sunlight into your home and invest in some house plants, an herb garden or even a live wall. These small additions will help your home feel brighter and more relaxing, whilst still looking stylish and attractive.

About the Author

Ashley Halsey is a professional writer at Lucky assignments Belfast and Gum essays and has been involved in numerous projects throughout the country. Ashley enjoys attending business training courses, reading and traveling in her spare time. A mother of two children, she enjoys redecorating and creating eco-friendly home accessories.


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