Jan 14.2021

How Can I Fix My Credit Quickly to Buy a House?

If you are on the hunt for a house but your credit could use some work, that typical homebuyer excitement might be overshadowed by credit score clouds. What...

Jan 11.2021

What Questions Should I Ask a Mortgage Lender?

As a mortgage lender, we get a ton of questions every day from first-time borrowers and veteran homeowners alike. The housing industry is in a constant...

Jan 8.2021

Hearty Stew Recipes for the Whole Family

When the nights are long and everything is cold, a nice, hearty stew hits the spot. Traditionally, stews are cooked on the stovetop for several hours to...

Jan 7.2021

Jumbo Loan: Explained

Jumbo loans are true to their name – Big Loans. In the mortgage world, the term “jumbo” refers to a loan class that is underwritten to conventional or...

Jan 6.2021

Take Your Smoothie Game to the Next Level

Smoothies are nutritious and delicious and can be enjoyed on the go or with a meal. Beyond that, they are also versatile. The ingredients will depend on...

Jan 5.2021

Is it Cheaper to Own Or Rent A House?

Is it cheaper to own or rent a house? This financial debate depends on your time horizon. Does your next living situation look like a long-term fix? If not,...

Dec 30.2020

Best Paint Colors for Your Living Room

Who doesn’t have a house project in the works this year? With the increased hours indoors and buckets of pent-up energy, most home owners have at least one...

Dec 22.2020

Should I Purchase a House Before the Sale Of My Old One?

Start by getting prequalified. This way you’ll know if it is an option to purchase a home before selling your existing property. Also, this will give you...

Dec 18.2020

21 Terms You Need to Know to Buy A House

The mortgage and real estate industries are full of terms we rarely hear in everyday life. Below are the most commonly used words and phrases that you'll...

Dec 14.2020

Preparing Your Finances For Your Next House

Buying a home is an expensive proposition. Down payments and closing costs can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars — and that doesn’t even...

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