Jul 13.2018

5 Parenting Hacks to get Your Kids to do their Chores

Some of the parenting books will tell you that intrinsic motivation is all that kids need to get their chores done. Just give them a list of tasks and...

Jul 11.2018

Understanding Your Purchase Agreement

A purchase agreement is a legal offer to buy a property. In most cases, your realtor will author this for you (purchase agreements can be intimidating with...

Jul 9.2018

Overhead and Underfoot: The Best Home Improvement Bang for your Buck

When considering which home improvement project you’ll take on next, you want it to pay off in enjoyment and quality of life, but also in resale value and...

Jul 5.2018

Buzz Off! 10 Ways to Keep the Bugs Away this Summer

With warmer temperatures and increased foot traffic, has your home become bug central? (Gross!) Nothing ruins a get together like a creepy crawler parading...

Jul 3.2018

When is it Time to Stop Renting and Buy?

That’s a BIG question we hear often at Ruoff Home Mortgage. When is it time to stop renting and buy? Taking the plunge too soon could mean settling for the...

Jun 29.2018

Summer's Favorite Grilling Recipes

There are many perks to owning your own home, but the fun really begins when the weather heats up. Summer means playing outside, long bike rides, family...

Jun 27.2018

Homeowner 101: What You Need to Know After You Move In

Congratulations! You bought a house! Now what?

Jun 25.2018

Easy Money Saving Hacks

Just think of all of the things you can do with the money you save!

Jun 21.2018

Tips to Make Your Home a Hot Commodity this Summer

If you’ve been following the news, you likely know that the residential real estate market at large is hot, hot, hot right now! It’s not unusual for homes...

Jun 19.2018

Weeding Out Common Gardening Mistakes

Misinformation and bad habits can be as persistent as weeds for both new and seasoned gardeners. We're all learning, right?

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