May 16.2019

DIY Kitchen Projects That Will Up Your Home's Value

Increasing the value of a home is the goal of many homeowners. Whether you’re trying to sell, looking to refinance, or polishing up a fixer-upper, home...

May 14.2019

Get In On These Memorial Day Sales

Who doesn’t love a deal? Retailers are starting to promote their Memorial Day sales and that means consumers can save big if they’re willing to do some...

May 10.2019

9 Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

Mother's Day is all about celebrating Mom and everything she does. So, let her sleep in, grab some little helpers, and make her a brunch she'll love. We've...

May 8.2019

Choosing the Right Lender is More Than Just A Good Rate

For most borrowers, your home is your biggest investment. According to the Federal Reserve’s statistical accounting release, the amount of net worth that...

May 6.2019

Spring Home Maintenance

The weather is getting warmer, and everything outside is coming alive again. That means it's time to clean, repair, and refresh your home. Spring is the...

May 3.2019

Marketing for Home Sellers

The term “seller’s market” is all over social media these days. Favorable interest rates and an influx of millennial buyers have created demand for houses...

May 2.2019

4 Things You Should Know About Life After College

Remember how we all just couldn’t wait to grow up? We dreamt about where we would live, the jobs we would have, the oh-so-perfect people we would marry. We...

Apr 30.2019

Pre-Approval vs. Pre-Qualification

Mortgage industry terms—there are many and it can be hard to make sense of them, especially when they seem so similar. Pre-qualification and pre-approval...

Apr 25.2019

Grow Your Own Food

Food is life. Growing your own food is empowering. You can start big or small – anywhere from a few ingredients to total self-sufficiency. You get to choose...

Apr 23.2019

What You Need to Consider Before Buying that Fixer Upper

On the market for a Fixer Upper? Who isn’t nowadays? But before you find yourself ankle deep in moldy subflooring, take a pause and consider the work ahead...

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