Feb 24.2021

6 Lesser-Known Tax Deductions

To paraphrase a popular adage, the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. While tax time can be stressful for some people, having certain...

Feb 22.2021

Tips for Building or Buying a More Sustainable Home

 If sustainability is important to you, you might already adjust your daily habits to be more environmentally friendly. But, why not go beyond your regular...

Feb 18.2021

Desserts You’ll Love

The joy of dessert! Who doesn’t love a sweet treat to cap off a beautiful meal? Depending on your culinary style, you might lean toward chocolate, fruit, or...

Feb 17.2021

How to Have Hard Conversations with Your Kids

Parenting is hard, overwhelming, and just plain exhausting. But, there’s nothing more rewarding, especially when we start to see independent little thinkers...

Feb 15.2021

What to Do if an Appraisal Comes in Low

In the wild world of real estate, anything can happen. It is atypical, but not impossible, for an appraisal to come in below the purchase price of a home....

Feb 13.2021

Student Loans Guide: The Basics Of Federal Financial Aid

College students are potentially eligible for federal financial help with education costs. According to the survey, in 2019-2020, federal money can cover...

Feb 11.2021

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts That Wow

Whether you procrastinated or are lacking inspiration, there’s still time to find a meaningful gift for your Valentine. Here are some last-minute gift ideas...

Feb 10.2021

How to Prevent Break-Ins

Home ownership is all fun and games until someone breaks in and steals your credit cards. Don’t be a target for burglars! There are steps you can take to...

Feb 9.2021

What Qualifies You for A Jumbo Loan?

Awesome news! You are ready to buy a turn-key, jaw-dropping, absolutely gorgeous new home. Unfortunately, it seems all that beauty comes with a considerable...

Feb 8.2021

Why Do Sellers Prefer Conventional Loans?

Homebuyers and sellers often view things differently when it comes to closing a deal on a property. Whether you are in the process of purchasing a home or...

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